Worldwide upgrading, renewing and conversion

The scope of conversions can be anything from replacing a broken refrigerator or upgrading a decorated buffet and bar, to renewing a complete galley – and everything in between.


In shipping, business time is essential. When a vessel is taken out of service for repairs or conversions, we make precise time schedules for every step of the project to minimise the delivery time. After more than 40 years (and many success stories) we have built up a reputation as a reliable partner.

We know your equipment

Replacement of equipment is done smoothly – especially if we delivered it. We know your products and the technical specifications, and can therefore suggest replacements that will fit and do the job.

However, if we didn’t make the original delivery, we are familiar with most of the brands in our business.

Ships in serviceGalley onversions made by Loipart

When refits are done on ships in service, our efficient and experienced installation team finalises tight schedules to minimise financial loss and passenger and staff inconvenience.

Module-based pioneering

Module-based catering areas were originally developed for new buildings: equipment, walls, ceilings, hoods and lights all pre-fitted in a factory. The same revolutionary technique is applied in repairs and conversion projects.

As a result, the work done on board is kept to a minimum. And you know what that means: great savings in both time and money.

A summary

  • Galley layout design.
  • Planning and project management of catering areas.
  • Sales and projects of food service marine appliances.
  • HVAC & electric planning and installation.
  • Installation and start-up.
  • After sales services.
  • Repairs & Conversions.